Friday, November 11, 2011

Two 'Incredible' Excuses

Sorry but I cannot resist it. Two completely mad stories in today's Telegraph. Firstly we have Mr Graham Gibbons who secretly filmed himself having sex with his girlfriend. When this covert filming was discovered by his partner, he claimed that it was in order to help him improve his performance. He told the judge that his only purpose was to evaluate his technique, from a 'time and motion' perspective. He wanted to strike the most effective balance between the various parts of their activities. He wanted to maximise the satisfaction that he provided. He was only thinking of her. Since the Court case continues in Cardiff Crown Court, it suggests that Mr Gibbons could well be a Welshman. We don't know whether the judge accepted his version of events.

And then we have the story of a couple who were seen throwing a dog into the ocean - 4 times. Now this is not funny at all, but their excuse is almost as incredible as that of Mr Gibbons. They insisted to the magistrates that they were cooling the dog down because it was hot. Unfortunately one of the couple was named Jones - so could again have Welsh connections. This excuse, while being admirably inventive, did not impress and they were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering. Perhaps they should have thrown Mr Gibbons into the sea to cool him down.


Jeff Jones said...

It took the jury 10 minutes to find Mr.Gibbons not guilty. The real question in this case is how much public money was wasted on a bonkers prosecution which ended up in the Crown Court?

Anonymous said...

best excuse I have heard is, "my trousers were dirty and I did not want to get the seats muddy"

D Pimborough said...

The first story hilarious the second not so.

Is it me or are people infantile these days? Like small children who invent fantastic reasons why they are not to blame. And to think they actually hope they might be believed! Incredible! Pathetic!