Sunday, May 15, 2011

Newtown Male Voice

Life is returning to normal - post back op.. Planted a 'fancy' oak tree this afternoon, and went out to a concert tonight. The Newtown Male Voice Choir were performing with 'The Three Basses' along as special guests. I've heard Tom Evans (Gwanas) sing several times before, and his voice floats through my mind whenever I travel up past Cadair Idris from Dolgellau, and down the other side past Gwanas. With him were Trebor Lloyd Evans and a new 'voice' to me, Sion Goronwy - a sound of such raw power that children should not be allowed to listen at less than 100 yds. It was just a brilliant night out, and well worth the bit of backache resulting from sitting in the same place for around 3 hours. And there was a message on my mobile to tell me that we have a contest for the vacant position of leader of the Conservative Assembly Group. Its good to have a contest. Pity Sion Goronwy isn't standing for us. At full volume, he'd blow Carwyn Jones out of the debating chamber.

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Hilary said...

If it is who I think it is, Trebor is Tom's brother.
Both Brilliant Singers, both Eisteddfod winners.