Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Pull 'em up Ladies".

Went to the races over the weekend - the Trotting Races, held on the land owned by County Councillor Rachel Davies at Caersws. Brilliant day out. The 'bookies' were there, as were S4/C. Limited my losses to £15. Must tell you about the commentary on the Ladies Final.

Picture the scene. The start is a complicated business - involving a van approaching the start from 200 yards out. The idea is that at the start, all the competitors are running with the right handicapped distances between them, at which point the van veers right and lets them go. But the start of the Ladies Final was faulty - so the van stopped rather than veered right. And all the time, the commentator was issuing instructions over the loudspeaker. "Pull them up ladies" he screamed out several times. This is a family blog - so I cannot repeat some of the comments I heard from neighbouring spectators.

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