Saturday, July 24, 2010


Its been one hell of a week. Just like when I used to play rugby. Chase the ball for 80 minutes (its what open sides do), get into all sorts of mauls and fights (they do that as well) and stagger off at the final whistle, knackered but content. The 30 years I played squash was the same sort of thing - but without the fights (mostly).

It started with 12 hours on the road over Mon/Tues, just to spend half a day at the Royal Welsh Show. I'm afraid that my party's managers do not realise how important the Royal Welsh is. Over 200,000 visitors - and every single Welsh organisation, including the entire Welsh media. The three most important days in Welsh political life are the first three days of the Royal Welsh - and the fourth day is in the top ten. I should have been under a three line whip to be there for three days. Anyway, it wasn't to be - and I made it back to Westminster on Tuesday in time for the first ever back bench inspired debate, and made my maiden speech - which seemed to go down rather well. Two more days in London, and off home at six in the morning on Friday. First relaxation was a coffee with Nick Knight, Editor of the County Times late morning. We had things to talk about. And then off to Newtown to look at office possibilities. Problem is that my allowances just don't cover the costs of a decent office on the street. Sins of the fathers etc....

After a Saturday coffee morning, most of today has been labouring in the garden. Bit of a thank you do next Saturday, and I need to tidy things up a bit. At least two of the boys are home to clear up behind me. I just pretend I'm Lord Mandelson, creating chaos with my saw, spade and secateurs, while Eb and Tim clear up behind me. Tomorrow will be another labouring day, before back to London Monday morning - for two more days before the final whistle. Let me tell you something about being a Member of Parliament. Its what I tried to convey in my maiden speech. Its a very very special privilege, but its bl***y hard work. Playing open side for 15 years, and squash for another 30 was the perfect preparation.


Anonymous said...

Now you've had a meeting with the out of touch editor of the CT, can we hope for a bit more realistic coverage of the political status quo in Montgomeryshire?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I have always liked Nick Knight and have always found him fair to me. But I didn't like articles criticising me being printed without asking me what the truth was - and I thought it best to raise this with Nick direct. But its not his fault that I have not been much focussed on media work since the election. I've had to spend every hour just concentrating on getting a grip on the job. After all it took my predecessor 8 years!!. I intend to become more media focussed first week in September, working with our new Assembly candidate, who will be chosen on Thursday night.