Thursday, January 14, 2010

What sort of MP do I want to be.

Finding it difficult to do it all at the moment, which is why this blog has become a bit sporadic. My own fault of course. Trying to do too much. When I was selected to contest Montgomeryshire at the next General Election on behalf of the Conservatives, almost three years ago, I decided that my strategy was to act as if I were an MP already. Cheeky I know. Twin aims were to ensure I enjoyed the experience, and to do something useful for Montgomeryshire. But it all takes time. Have to do a lot of the spade-work myself. And at present, there's the added burden of preparations for the campaign itself. Am expecting the General Election on May 6th. Am switching into amber 'campaign mode' on 23rd January, and into go-go-green on March 8th.

Now I don't like going around claiming I'm going to win, but I do think I'm in with a chance. This makes a big difference. It means that Montgomeryshire voters have a right to know what sort of MP I would be - what would be my big issues. Just this morning, I was asked this very question. So I've thought about it, and this is what I thought.There would be three 'big issues';

1) - The relationship between Westminster and the National Assembly for Wales. It's not what it should be. I would anticipate spending one day every week in Cardiff Bay, working with officials and AMs, and not exclusively Conservative AMs. Devolution is here to stay, (whether you like it or not) and anyone who represents Welsh interests should want the process to be a success. In 2007, this was the main reason I applied for the job as candidate.

2) - The rural economy of Wales. Many years ago I was deeply involved in this issue, and I just cannot let it go. So many of the youngsters I attended Caereinion School with had to leave Montgomeryshire to find work. Twenty years ago, I really believed we were getting somewhere in changing things. By today, its as bad as ever. There is so much to do. But I still think that the Upper Severn Valley has huge potential to invigorate Mid Wales.

3) - Caring for the elderly. When I lost my position as an AM, an international care company asked me to help establish an Advisory Board for Wales. Don't ask me why, but they did. Since then, I've learned so much about the subject, including that there is so much to learn. It's going to become an increasingly important issue over the next few years. So many aspects to it - Quality of Care, Paying for Care, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Mental Illness, and a whole lot more.

Over the last four years, this blog has meandered like a firework. I don't suppose the future will be a straight line either. But basically, its going to become a 'Candidate's Diary'. I daresay I'll have to be a bit cautious, because of the Wales on Sunday's 'Spin Doctor', and political opponents looking for ammunition. But I hope I will be able to share successes and disappointments, the highs and lows - giving you some idea what its like to be a candidate.


Anonymous said...

We don't elect MPs to mess about in Cardiff. It's major league, not third division. If I vote for you (which I'm in two minds about) I will expect you to work for me in parliament.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Whoever is MP for Montgomeryshire (and every other Welsh seat) has a responsibility for the interest of the constituency, which depends on a good working relationship between Westminster and Cardiff Bay. I calculate that my experiences would make me, should I be elected, a suitable person to contribute to this process. Interstingly, Cabinet Minister, Liam Byrne was in Cardiff today discussing future funding of the Assembly, and the recently retired First Minister, Rhodri Morgan was speaking to MPs, members of the Welsh Affairs Committee who were also in the National Assembly today. The same would happen under any future Government. Don't blame me - I didn't vote for it. But its the reality and must be managed in the interests of Wales.

Anonymous said...

care for the elderly is going to be such a big subject that you wont have time to do anything else

Anonymous said...

Having heard nothing from your leader about the rural economy, save a free vote on fox-hunting, I doubt your influence will amount to nothing. Fox hunting is barbaric, simple. No reason though that people who enjoy riding out can't chase through the country, chasing scents or just having a "jolly good ride", therefore supporting the rural industries without ripping a defenceless animal to pieces.
The rural economy will continue to suffer because the huge agri-culture companies with HUGE influence via lobby groups in Parliament. With the nouveau rich buying the homes to exclude the country homes, removingfrom the market poorly paid local people, etc etc...As for the aged, don't make me laugh. O! sorry your going to increase Inheritence tax limits, bet the whole of Montgomeryshire are rejoicing and running to the hills, knowing that there children will benefit hugely once they sell their three bed semi.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that Montgomeryshire covers more than just Welshpool and Newtown!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Glyn. Your response has lost you my vote. I want a full-time MP. I will be looking at UKIP proposals with interest.