Thursday, April 28, 2016


"Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". I don't know who said this (could have been the great bard himself) but I've always thought it to be very true. Two people can use the same words, but the context and tone can attach different meaning and different levels of prejudice to them. It's also the case that the meaning of words have changed over time - where what was entirely acceptable 50 years ago is today deeply offensive. Its also true that accusations of prejudice are made against people, where no prejudice exists, because no prejudice was meant. It's not straightforward. I'm always very careful before accusing anyone of prejudice. I feel that I have to assess what they were thinking to know if it was good or bad.

But sometimes there is no doubt at all. Today's performance by Ken Livingstone was truly awful. I have many friends in the Labour Party. They must be absolutely appalled. Thank goodness for John Mann MP who let him have it 'both barrels'. I've always found anti-semitism to be the worst prejudice of the lot. Perhaps this is because I've taken a lot of interest in the Second World War, and the particular evil that was Hitler. I really hope we never see Ken Livingstone given any sort of prominent position or public platform again.

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