Sunday, January 03, 2016

Strangeness of Politics and next Prime Minister.

Politics becomes ever more strange. We are over four years away from the next General Election. Four years and four months. I fully expect David Cameron to serve as Prime Minister for most of that four years, though I'm a bit unsure at what precise stage a successor takes over if the current incumbent stands by his decision to stand down. Personally, would like David Cameron to change his mind. He is a remarkable man, who makes a very tidy fist of what seems to me to be an impossible job.

The point of this short post is to ask why on earth there is so much media coverage of Cabinet members supposedly "jockeying for position". Next election is in 2020! I'd like to see the EU Referendum taking place in 2017, after which we would be in a better position to assess the situation - a much more appropriate time to think about the next Prime Minister.

I have made known my guess who might succeed to a few friends, but don't want to ruin her/his chances by going public. I see our Scottish Leader, Ruth Davidson has gone very public in today's Telegraph though. She doesn't thing it will be George, Theresa of Boris. She thinks it will be an MP first elected in 2010. Don't think she has me in mind!! Ruth goes on to name Stephen Crabb - though he was elected in 2005! Well, I'm not going to argue with Ruth. I think she's wonderful, and could well be a candidate for leading the UK Conservatives at some stage herself.

All very strange. And the political world becomes ever stranger. Read today that my predesseccor as Montgomeryshire MP, Lembit Opik, whom I consider a good friend is having major surgery to his face, which will leave him looking like George Clooney! And also read today of another male politician's female partner selling her toenails for £10 a cut. And just watched first episode of BywCelwydd, on S4C. Incestuous or what!  Bit of a job to get into who is what and who! But did notice the Conservatives are cast as 'corrupt baddies' in relation to the building of a new hospital in Newtown. Usual anti-Tory bias I suppose, but nice to see mid Wales getting such attention in the 'fictional' Assembly. Also nice to see one of my extended family appearing - Elinor played by Sian James from Llanerfyl. Will tune in again next week.

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