Saturday, January 23, 2016

Searching for "Best of both worlds" in Europe.

22 Conservative MPs have written a letter to the Telegraph, published today, which has left me scratching my head a bit. Not sure as to it's purpose and 'message'. The heading above it is "Conservative MPs focus on the risks to economic success of leaving the EU." At first reading, I think it's meant to be seen as in support of the UK remaining in the EU. What causes the head scratching of this 'instinctive Eurosceptic' is that I agree with it's entire content!! So perhaps it's not. 

The letter wants the Prime Minister's negotiation to succeed. Good.  The letter sees the advantage of a market without tarrif barriers, but has concerns about loss of sovereignty, the drive towards a European super-state, over-regulation and immigration. Very good. The letter supports a strong Britain in a reformed EU as having the best of both worlds; outside the Euro, and protected from deeper integration, but able to access the single market; in the world's greatest trading block of 500 million people, but still outside the schengen area, able to maintain our borders. Excellent.

The letter's signatories are proud of the achievements of this Conservative Govt. Rightly so.

The letter concludes with a warning that there remains much for this Govt to do, and that we Conservatives should weigh up the benefits as well as the costs of EU membership, and focus on the real risks which leaving the EU could have for our economic success. Therein lies the question.

I cannot disagree with any of this. I also want my family and friends to stay healthy, and everyone I come into contact with to be nice to me. Come to think of it, just being nice to everyone and not red face ranting, and not responding in kind to the angry aggression of UKIP could be enough to win. Personally, I think it will be.

Whatever, a vote to 'Remain' will not stop the irresistible progress to a two-speed EU where the Eurozone effectively become one country, dominated by Germany with Britain enjoying the freedom and sovereignty of the slow lane. I see that as best future for Britain. Just never needed a referendum to get there! 

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