Sunday, September 06, 2015

Military Action in Syria ?

BBC Wales rang me earlier tonight asking whether I'd 'appear' on Good Morning Wales tomorrow to discuss the issue of a involvement of British forces in Syria. In particular, whether I support the proposition.
I do not know. The Prime Minister would have to make the case to MPs, and it would have to be very persuasive. We can all see the current position is a nonsense - where it's permissible to peruse enemy bombers up to the Syrian border, but not be able to pursue any further. I feel rather as I suspect the Prime minister feels. He will need a cast iron persuasive case, with cross party support before he seeks authority from MPs, following the fiasco last time.

I recall well the last time. I had left for Westminster expecting to vote against my Govt for the first time. I could not support military action at that stage. I could not see how a military strike against Bashar al-Assad's forces in Damascus would help a very fraught situation. But when the motion was put before us, I was content to support. It was, in effect, condemning Assad, declaring a will to intervene, but requiring another vote of MPs before action could be taken. This left the door open for the Prime Minister to return with a clearer strategy - which we may or may not have backed. 

Ed Miliband decided to play politics. The Prime Minister thought he had his agreement, but Miliband decided to divide the House with his own motion. It was the day I thought he demonstrated his unfitness for the office of Prime Minister. In the end, MPs threw both the Prime Minister and Miliband's motions out. MPs simply turned their backs on what was happening in Syria. The mass ranks of dead children, gassed by Assad's chemical weapons had no impact. The chamber was stunned. Must admit I was utterly appalled. The context may look different today, but those scars were deep. I don't want another vote like that one, which I thought shamed Parliament. Any action needs careful thought and cross party support. There would never be unity amongst the population on this issue, but as a minimum, it would need the new Labour Leader to be supportive.

Anyway, turned my opinions are not of any consequence. Hadn't heard my phone above the noise of the mulcher. They had found someone else by the time I rang back! Luckily perhaps !

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Cai Larsen said...

Petai'r Senedd wedi pleidleisio fel yr oeddych am iddi wneud - yn ol pob tebyg IS fyddai'n rheoli Syria heddiw - byddai canlyniad hynny i'r lleiafrifoedd nad ydynt yn Fwslemiaid Sunni yn drychinebus.