Saturday, September 12, 2015

Corbyn the Movie

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party would make brilliant plot for a film. Except that the script would be deemed too incredible. Way beyond the imagination of filmgoers. Fantasy too far. Jeremy Clarkson, yes. Amal Clooney, definitely. Robbie Savage, unlikely but possible at a stretch. But surely not Jeremy Corbyn!! The anonomous MP, dressed in white who has said nothing of note for 32years, and never shown a shred of leadership potential. 

But it came to pass this morning. Biggest shock since Cassius Clay stopped Sonny Liston. And in the end it was a landslide. 60% of the 'first preference' votes for Corbyn.  Burnham, Cooper and Kendall blown away like discarded fish and chip wrapping in a hurricane. He strode out of the count in London today as a political colossus. Well actually he sneaked out the back to the pub for a pint. Put him up several notches in my book. And when he heard a few Labour MPs were resigning their 'shadow cabinet' positions, my guess is he shrugged his shoulders, and thought "plenty more where they came from". Leaves room for Ken. Maybe Paul Flynn and Skinner may be in the team.

Actually, it's all quite simply. They tried to control the electorate. They assumed. After what happened to Scottish seats in the General Election, that's a mug's game. Labour MPs, who have little time for Corbyn, actually voted for him to be in the contest. Why only they can know. Jeremy Corbyn won. Get used to it. Make the best of it.

No idea how he will go. We do know he'll do it differently. Already, looks like he's going to refuse to join the weekly fiasco of PMQs. Good. It's awful. Perhaps he'll speak in language that people outside the 'village' can understand. That would be good too. Personally I think he'll crash and burn, but no-one can be sure. It would be a big mistake to make any assumptions about what might happen. Or to under-estimate the force of change and resentment there is for politics as usual.

What Jeremy Corban has done is to bring colour, interest and uncertainty to British politics. Must admit I'm rather looking forward to being a witness to that which is likely to be played out over the next few weeks (and months). He's not going anywhere soon. For sure we do not know how the film is going to end.

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Pam Williams said...

Thank you for a reasonably fair assessment of Jeremy Corbyn's arrival as leader of the Labour party. If nothing else, I feel that he has renewed public interest in politics and is encouraging the idea that poitics can be inclusive and that each of us CAN contribute to the process, rather than just make a cross on a paper and retreat. Critics have claimed that he isn't leadership material, perhaps because he is self-effacing. He is most certainy not a career politician. He stands out as being passionate and ethical, both characteristics that seem to be sadly lacking in politics. Of course none of us know how things will pan out. I heard today on Radio 4, that, surprise, surprise, contrary to popular opinion, research has shown that Labour didn't fail at the general election because thay are too left wing! Personally, I couldn't tell the difference between some Labour MPs and some Tory MPs. Corbyn realises that, for example, bombing Syria would only radicalise more young men and create more refugees. Hardly a problem soloved. I hope he keeps challenging the status quo, whether it be in what happens at PMQs or in questioning if Trident is outdated. He will make the government justify their stance, which will be a good thing, I think.