Friday, August 14, 2015

Church of St Mary's at Llanllugan

Wanted to write a totally innocuous post, devoid of any possible opportunity to cause offence or controversy - a post where readers will think nicely of me!  I'm a tough old character, but I've had enough of being abused for a day or two. Simply for having an opinion. Decided to pick on the Church of St Mary's at Llanllugan. It's one of those hidden away little gems buried deep in the Montgomeryshire countryside. I had not appreciated it's historical interest myself until tonight. What's prompted this is the honour and pleasure I took from opening a fete tonight in nearby Cefn Coch to held to raise funds to maintain what is a modest structure but with a great back story.

I've been checking up on the internet. First record of a place of worship on this site involved Llorcan Wyddel in the 6th century. The next recorded significant development was a Cisterian nunnery founded about 1188 by Maredydd ap Robert, Lord of Cedewain - linked to Strata Marcella. It was recorded as the Abbey of Llanllugan in 1239. The current church was built a bit later. This is a very long time ago. It's much older than the Palace of Westminster, even the version that was burnt down. Not many places have this sort of recorded history.

And it's also recorded that Glynne visited the Church in 1867. Don't know exactly what Glynne did there. Well, another Glyn opened the fete tonight, which I should think raised a fair sum of money to help with upkeep. Really good turn-out. Mixture of locals and visitors. Events like tonight's make this MP's political life a real pleasure. And I reached this last line without mentioning any controversial intrusive modern structures alien to this lovely area around Cefn Coch!!

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