Friday, February 08, 2013

Telford company buy all shares of Welshpool Business

Significant business matter happened last week that passed me by unnoticed. Don't think it was noticed by many others either. One of Montgeryshire's biggest employers changed ownership on January 31st.

Denso Manufacturing UK Ltd, located in Telford, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Denso International UK Ltd, (part of the Denso Group) purchased all the shares of Shimizu Industry UK Ltd. Shimizu employs around 170 people on the Buttington Cross Estate near Welshpool. It manufactures plastic products for car air conditioners and radiators. New owners manufacture car air conditioners and heaters - so the deal looks to be a good fit.

At present, I have no idea if there any employment consequences of this deal, either positive or negative. No reason to think this is anything but a simple change of ownership, but its such a significant development that I hope I can arrange a visit to the company next week. Inevitably constituents are going to be asking questions, and it would be good to give informative answers.

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Anonymous said...

Denso have announced that all production will be shifted to Telford & the Welshpool factory will close by summer 2014.