Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cameron Leadership Challenge - Total B********

Despite everything, I like the Daily Telegraph. Particularly enjoy Charles Moore - and Boris is always good for a snigger. Sometimes think his interest in politics is a sad loss to journalism. And I've got to know the Deputy Editor, Ben Brogan a bit. He's seems very solid and sensible. But today, I do think the full-page article written by James Kirkup is total b*****ks. Its all about some supposed conspiracy amongst  Conservative MPs to "bring down" the Prime Minister. Don't think I've ever read such tosh.

Now I'm sure Adam Afriyie is a very good man. Certainly he's tall, slim, handsome, well dressed, very rich and it could well be that he's supremely clever, giving of nature and pure as an archbishop. We're told he's a
advantaged because he has a disadvantaged background - though why that should make any difference I do not know. Clearly he has some 'leadership' qualities to have made such a success of his business. But its beyond serious consideration that we should be thinking of him as a replacement for David Cameron. Not sure that I've ever heard Adam speak in the House. So I looked it up on a site called 'They work for You' which informs us he's made 11 contributions in the last year. Looked up my own name to find I'd made 94 contributions - which is probably too many. Now this doesn't tell us that much because it depends on the quality and import of what's said. But any potential Prime Minister has to demonstrate a capacity and desire to command the debating chamber.

Anyway none of this is the point. David Cameron is head and shoulders above any other UK politician in the Prime Minister stakes (though I reckon William Hague is also a class act). He is far more popular that the Conservative Party he leads. He is successfully leading a Coalition Gov't, the political equivalent of herding cats - many of which do not want to be herded. Now I do not agree with everything David Cameron does and says. I think its a mistake that he's brought forward the Gay Marriage Bill as an example. He's about as different from me as chalk is from cheese. But whenever we need a Leader to stand tall and represent the UK, he does it brilliantly.

Its a game. What if a bus or even worse, a wind turbine carrier came along and took out our PM. Who would then step in. I suppose it depends when it is. If tomorrow, the new leader would be one of the existing top team. Reality is it could be anyone. Two years before David Cameron took over, we had never heard of him. And that's how its going to be. Its a game - and a very very silly one.


Anonymous said...

"Anyway none of this is the point. David Cameron is head and shoulders above any other UK politician in the Prime Minister stakes..."

The Conservative Party can't field another credible leader?

Do you really mean to imply that Glyn?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Cannot see how you can read that into my post. There would be several candidates for the leadership who would be streets better than anyone on the opposition benches. Its just that at the moment, David Cameron is head and shoulders above anyone. That's what I said and its what I believe.

Anonymous said...

Come on Glynny baby, you know,as does the rest of your party know, that the Tory party is in such dire straits that the only opposition to Cameron within the party is Johnson.

That shows what a pathetic state the Tory party is in.
As for Cameron. He would be head and shoulders above all other politicians .....if he was standing upon a pile of his broken pledges.

Glyn Davies said...

anon - wouldn't have published that except that I haven't been called Glynny Baby for decades.

Blodyn said...

Please can you explain why you voted against the Gay Marriage Bill tonight?

The Truth shall set you free said...

Leviticus 20

13“‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

15“‘If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he must be put to death, and you must kill the animal.