Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What on earth are we to make of James Delingpole, independent candidate for the Corby bye-election. He's a great journalist and mad as a box of frogs - libertarian and sort of right-wing version of Rod Liddle. From me, this is a great compliment. I'm hugely fond of frogs. Not quite the same, but we have a resident toad in our cellar. And James is standing on a single issue platform - one that I passionately agree with.

But I declare in favour of the Conservative candidate - because we are in the same team. Bit like watching Wales play the All Blacks. Desperately keen for Wales to win, but standing in awe of the wondrous Richie McCaw and Dan Carter. Anyway, James wrote a cracking piece for the Telegraph this earlier this week, and I just wanted to repeat some of his writings. He's such an eccentric that I'm not at all sure he'll see it through to polling day, but his words flow over me like a mixture of honey and bile. Here's a few examples from the Telegraph article;

"wind farms are a cancer; one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated against the country by Westminster. I want to raise public awareness of just how disastrous these bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes are in every respect".

"their lives (the people), their livelihoods, their health, their views and their tranquillity are being ruined by wind farms".

"Its bad enough that a handful of wealthy landowners, mostly foreign owned energy companies and their hangers-on are getting vastly rich at the expense of the British public by building monstrosities that drive up their fuel bills, kill wildlife, blight views, destroy property prices, destroy the economy and make people sick - its being done with the connivance and encouragement of our elected representatives."

"The wind industry's for the environmental benefits of turbines is a lie....if there were a single plausible argument in favour of wind farms.... the wind industry is wrong in so many ways".

And he hasn't even started on the monstrosities that National Grid want to visit on many of the wild places of Britain  to connect the  bl****y things to the Grid!! I hope James does not get a taste for politics and decide to stand as a candidate in Montgomeryshire in 2015!


mike said...

James Delingpole wrote a great piece on Mid Wales and the wind farms last year. He is a top man and on the ball when it comes to the scam of wind!

Linda said...

I agree entirely with you Glyn and Mike. James Delingpole not only is he on the ball, but has a lot of balls to speak out and tell it how it is. Perhaps in 23 years time, the members of the British Public who are currently in denial of the wind farm scam will realize James was telling the truth and we might again see how we were lied to and what conspiracies have gone on.

Ron Combo said...

I was at an Old Boys' reunion dinner in Devonshire a couple of months ago. Obviously a lot of farmers there. After a couple of glasses they were comparing windmill applications, current income, future income. Roughly they would appear to get £11,000 pa per windmill. All rubbing their hands at this new income stream.
Their greed, our despair.