Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lib Dem plans for successful people

Over last few days leading Lib Dems have proposed a wealth tax, a mansion tax, a tax on second homes in London, higher taxes on top 10% of earners (who curerently pay 55% of income tax), a tax on those earning over £50,000, use of pension funds to underwrite mortgages, and removal of universal benefits from pensioners who earn £1million. And as I understand it are threatening to oppose any proposal to further reduce public spending (even if they believe it's needed to deliver deficit reduction) unless these ideas are agreed to. Not sure whether these ideas have been thought through. But must be trying to say something to those of us who want to achieve success in our lives, work hard to help set up our children, or invest in our properties.


Bril said...

Glyn, your view on this, and mine, is what makes us Tories. It's that simple (well, almost). We believe in endeavour, prudence, personal accountability and measured risk-taking leading to a gradual improvement in the wealth and well-being of you and your heirs. We also believe in compassion and care for those unable (not unwilling) to show the above attributes. While this can be misconstrued as 'survival of the fittest', some of the alternative approaches can too easily lead us into mediocrity and under achievement as a nation and a race.

Anonymous said...

Not only successful people but people who have inherited property.

So are you saying that such people should not be contributing to the national debt. Are you stating that someone with large assets should still have e.g. a bus pass and winter fuel allowance? Whilst child allowance on younger families becomes means tested and disability benefits are slashed.

Any income cut for younger families or disabled people (who generally live in poverty), hits harder. However, by your argument that is not the point because these people are 'succesful'.

On the taxation question, is it not true that successful people will make use of state services more. The road / pavement that you rely on to get customers into your shop. Reliance on order, so your business doesn't get broken into etc.