Sunday, June 10, 2012

Third Heathrow Runway and MP's duty to constituents.

I like Zac Goldsmith. Don't always agree with him, but he seems an MP who stands by his beliefs. Great respect for that.  Don't like opportunists. Nothing offends me more than when I've been accused of opportunism myself - like about my opposition to the Mid Wales Connection Project (something Zac and I might disagree about!). I was opposed from 2005, when the full horror was first put forward. Most people were in favour of it, and I was thought a bit 'cranky'. And no-one was much bothered because I was in such a small minority. All changed now.

But what are we to make of Zac's declaration today that if the Coalition Gov't performs a U-turn in favour of  3rd runway at Heathrow, he would not stand as a Conservative at the next election, and might force a by-election if it becomes Gov't policy before then (at least that's what I think he said). And I reckon he means it.  This is big talk indeed. I cannot criticise anyone who refuses to support a U-turn as controversial as this one, after a cast iron promise to constituents. Personally I don't have a firm opinion about a 3rd runway, and it never came up in Montgomeryshire - even if I've never been able to understand why extra business and investment is not directed to Birmingham, which is probably nearer to Heathrow than Boris Island in time and convenience terms.

Anyway, Zac has will have made a few of us think about whether there is a vote that would be too far for us to swallow. Not sure it would be wise to go public if there were. The only policy where I know my constituents would expect me to die in the ditch would be the appalling proposals to destroy Montgomeryshire with multiple wind farms and pylons. I would be in trouble if it were to come to a vote - which at this stage I cannot see happening any time soon. But I don't suppose Zac Goldsmith thought there would ever be a vote on a 3rd Heathrow runway (which there may never be of course). Definitely an issue to watch.


JohnJ said...

"I've been accused of opportunism myself - like about my opposition to the Mid Wales Connection Project"

Without a vision the people perish.

Nearly every blog I have read the people who oppose wind power support Nuclear Power and use the excuse of subsidies to Wind,what a joke! we pay over £260 per household per year for nuke power £6 a year for onshore wind! British new Nuclear is just not going to happen in my opinion.Britain can't afford it and very unlikely that France will be able to fund such a venture.Which leaves us with unlikely bedfellows such as Russia or China?
At the moment Japan have shut down all the remaining reactors and public opinion is against restarting them (the country has not come to a halt).
So to believe that New Nuclear is going to come to the rescue is probably fantasy land.
Mid Wales low population density and high elevation land is ideal for Wind Power.
I would love to buy locally produced electric.
Oh people say the wind does not blow all the time,true but ways of storing it are underway a link from Scotland to Norway is being proposed to utilise hydro pumped storage and lots more to integrate us with Europe (so we can sell our energy as well as buy theirs) already done to some countries.
Here is a British company working on energy storage

How can we with a clear conscience oppose pylons when others have to have them for us to have OUR Electric? as Mairede pointed out on Anglesey.

I don't think you are an opportunist just someone who does not want things to change.
Probably the inclosure act did most to destroy the natural beauty of our County along with the Towns in the valleys.

The debate for compensation is another issue.

Wind is not ALL the answer but part and we here in Montg should play our part and not expect someone else to bear all the burden and us live here in Paradise!

Uturn if you want the Lady is not for turning. Anti windies need a Uturn and leave the 101 and join the Captain.

Anonymous said...

Didn't think I'd like Goldsmith, but he is a good MP with principals he actually keeps to. Something that is rare in Parliament.

I also noticed he voted for Electricity Generation (Wales) Bill- this impresses me. He seems to look at issues on a Bill by Bill issues, and isn't sheep like many Con MP's, as he is willing to go against the Whip

Anonymous said...

Although it pains me to say it, there is something to be said for having an MP who is independently wealthy. It allows him not to worry about how to pay the school fees when he is thinking about picking an argument with the Cameroons.