Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Reclaiming our streets

Biggest question for our Government for a long time is how to deal with the current criminal activity that is disfiguring our society. I'm hugely pleased that Parliament has been recalled. There is no option but to reclaim the streets, and we must do whatever it takes. It seems that there are huge numbers rioting, but in truth its probably a minority, with massively more young people hiding behind their doors frightened of the thugs who have taken over their street.

Lots of people are advocating putting the military on the street, and using water cannon, plastic bullets etc. This would be a seriously big deal. Don't think we have ever used plastic bullets to control riots in the UK. Far better that if its going to happen, it should be done with the approval of Parliament. I've taken a fair bit of stick on my Facebook site for this opinion. Most commenters want to go in with the army now.

I do find the justification that some commentators are giving for the violence to be unacceptaable. What we have seen is the actions of criminals and theives. The police must throw the kitchen sink at this and everyone found guilty of contributing to what's happened should be shown little sympathy by the courts. This has been a bad day for the image of the UK across the world, but I do think its a time for cool heads, not rash actions. Whenever the country faces a situation in which there may be a need to take some dramatic steps to take control, its as well for a Prime Minister to keep options open. There may be a variety of complex reasons behind where we are, but at present there is one dominating objective - and that is to reclaim control of the street. I desperately hope that our unarmed (generally) police can recover control the situation.

And finally, I've just watched Harriet Harmon on Newsnight delivering a very disappointing performance, about which I do not think it wise to comment. I do hope Ed Miliband takes a more responsible and statesmanlike approach on Thursday. Michael Gove really let fly - and she deserved it (in my opinion).


Anonymous said...

"And finally, I've just watched Harriet Harmon on Newsnight delivering a very disappointing performance, about which I do not think it wise to comment."

The man, the moment, Glyn Davies. cw

EG said...

"Never used plastic bullets in the UK before" Where do you think Northern Ireland is then?

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Just watched Breakfast TV and Michael Gove was on there as well. Uncompromising and absolutely the right tone. I will find him tomorrow and congratulate him. And the police spokesman this morning, Steven Kavanagh also hit the right tone.

EG - Sorry, should have said 'mainland' or some similar word. its because of what happened in Nothern Ireland that makes us so wary of 'militarising' the rioting on our streets.

Anonymous said...

We dont need water cannon what we need is understanding as to why this is happening, Comments by several experts on policing and N Ireland spoke on this on Radio Wales tonight
Cameron is sadly out of his depth
I watched newsnight,I am not a labour supporter but I thought she made Gove look a fool.He looks so uncomfortable when he is riled.He also talked a lot of tosh
Sorry Glyn your party needs to up its play on this one

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - Were we watching the same interview? Michael Gove destroyed her and exposed her playing party politics while pretending not to.

And you shouldn't be too impressed by what guests on radio programmes say - because they have been selected by the editors to present the preferred BBC line. I've listened to Hugh Orde, and he's clear that the police have the capacity to reclaim the streets - without resorting to the army, water cannon or plastic bullets. Though all of these things will be deployed if needed. There are always lessons to be learned from extreme events, but discussion about causes in best discussed after the rioters have been dealt with.

Anonymous said...

How about not deploying the military and instead deploying common sense solutions, e.g., creating jobs through prioritizing manufacture and export of British goods and services. This makes 'clunk click' sense and will put our youth to work as well as adults desperately seeking work. It can be done; we just need a national policy/focus akin to that deployed in China and Singapore.

Look at how 'well' universities like Swansea spend millions in research grants and file next to zip patents. This is, imho, a crime against Welsh humanity. Wales needs jobs; Swansea University knows that, but knowingly or unknowingly concentrates on frustrating that goal. It is high time the Welsh Assembly Cabinet took this issue to heart. If Singapore can turn itself from a third world entity, surely Wales can convert from a second world entity to a first world entity?

We see the likes of Adam Price talk the talk, how about Price actually putting this goal into action for the sake of Wales? cw

Anonymous said...

Having noted the "on-yer-bike" lecture from your party colleague, Lord Tebitt he made to the good people of Merthyr Tydfil. Next time you're down in London, could you inspect the suitability cycle paths that have recently been constructed from Tottenham and Chingford that link up with the Olympic 2012 construction sites at Stratford. I find it hard work fitting reinforcement bars into the concrete and then having to drive back to South Wales at weekends. Apparently the excuse some MPs in London are making for 'the riots' is lack of job opportunities. Perhaps your Tory colleagues might be better employed giving lectures to communities in London about the new cycle paths rather than stigmatising people from South Wales.