Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty in the eye of the beholder!

Letter from Peter Fineman in today's telegraph. - Winston Churchill once sat next to an air marshal's wife, who wore an aeroplane brooch on her ample bosom. Noticing him looking at it she asked "Are you admiring my aeroplane?" to which Churchill responded "No Madam, the aerodrome." He would probably be hounded out of office by the Daily Mail today. I wouldn't dare say such a thing. It would without doubt be reported on the BBC in Wales.


frankie said...

Oh the best quotation is undoubtedly from Churchill to Mrs Bessie Braddock

Mrs Braddock to Churchill: "Sir, you are drunk"

Churchill: "Madam, you are ugly, but in the morning, I shall be sober"


Glyn Davies said...

frankie - I quite liked the one about an MP named Pailing, who attacked Churchill in the Commons and drew the retort he was often compared to a bulldog, and it should be remembered what dogs did to pailings. I do not remember the exact quote.

And thanks for the other note. There are some people in this world whose opinions stir me to total apathy. She and her husband are two of them.

Anonymous said...

If the President of the USA had listened to Churchill Russia would not have swallowed up half of Europe.