Sunday, July 03, 2011

What sort of Tory am I.

In today's Mail on Sunday, the great William Rees-Mogg, divides Conservative MPs into four sub-groups: the Old Right, the New Right, the Coalitionists, and the small pro-European group. (Note the Oxford comma!) - and he goes on to describe the New Right as 'Europragmatists. So, since I have so much admiration for the great man, I have to consider where I might place myself - and whether I agree that there are clear demarcation lines between these groups - and whether its possible to claim membership of two groups.

I am not a man of the Old Right, or of the pro-European group. I'm clear about that. So what about the other two. I find it difficult to decide. After much thought, I have to concede that I am first a Coalitionist. I would have preferred that the Conservatives won the General Election, and that we were not in coalition - but we didn't and we are. And the only way to go into a coalition is with 100% commitment. Of course it is restricting sometimes, but in general its worked well, and I'm happy that the two partners are making a decent fist of the teamwork.

The only problem with being grouped in with Coalitionists is that it tells readers not much about where I stand on our relationship with the EU, which is shaping up to be a defining issue of this Parliament. If my commitment to the Coalition was not so dominating, I would see myself very comfortable in the Eurosceptic New Right. Well, that's cleared that up.

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Anonymous said...

"What sort of Tory am I"

... probably a rhetorical question, but my response: a nice one!