Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pain of the 'Long Goodbye'

Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for Plaid Cymru - even though I'm not sure whether it's OK to have soft spots for political opponents! Perhaps its a bit like when I had a soft spot for Warrington Rugby Club, when I played for Shrewsbury. Great club, but nothing I liked more than kicking lumps out of them on the field of play. Anyway, I'm a bit worried about the state of Plaid Cymru - and mainly its down to the lack of a leader. I do not count Ieuan Wyn Jones, because once you've announced that you are standing down, authority just drains away.

Don't suppose my advice would carry much weight, but I thought Ieuan should have announced his resignation the day after the May election - assuming he was not going to fight another election. I reckon that Lord Dafydd El took the same view which is why he threw his hat in the ring immediately. The first timetable that Ieuan gave us was ridiculous. At least its been brought forward to next spring. I don't buy this excuse that its necessary to complete a review of what's gone wrong before electing a new leader. The new leader should should take charge of the review. Whatever, its time to look at the runners and riders.

I just do not think Dafydd El wants to be the leader - what with all that discipline and example setting. Not his thing. I'd make him Ambassador to Buckingham Palace. He will find spoons to stir elsewhere. I can see but two runners, with Elin Jones the firm favorite. And Simon Thomas will make it a contest. I'd love to see my old friend, Rhodri Glyn having a pitch, but just cannot see it. Saw Adam Price last week, and Dafyydd Wigley, and I see Jonathon Edwards every week. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone in Wales will have a soft spot for Plaid, just because it is the only mainstream party born in Wales- just like when Swansea were promoted *most* Cardiff City fans were *sort of* happy for 'em.

As for the party I think it is in an immensely difficult position. It, more than any party hasn't got much direction. And I believe that is a bad thing for Wales, as I always see Plaid as a radical party- sometimes they have terrible ideas, other times they're great- we need this.

Therefore, as I understand it- there is some form of review. In my view this is needed, to do this under a new leadership would be difficult (as Nick Bourne found internally, within the party- despite in my view doing a great job [the best out of any leader in Wales]). So I agree that IWJ should've stayed on, but also agree with you Glyn that he lacks power. Nevertheless he only has to stay on a few months.

On leadership, even now I think the best F.M out of ALL parties would be Wigley- despite his age. I really like him. I'm not a huge fan of Adam, though I know there is hype around him. As for the Assembly group- it's not a great bunch but I like the ex-leader of Caerphilly - great character, the Welsh would like him!

Anonymous said...

I've compiled a list of 4 individuals on my blog, interestingly your two names feature on my list. What do you think of the other two I have included (Dafydd El, and Rhodri Glyn Thomas?)

Glyn Davies said...

Aled - I think the two names you have added are two hugely able men - but both carrying a bit of baggage that the party will find hard to swallow. And I do not think that dafydd el wants it anyway. He only put his name in the frame to force a quicker election than the ridiculous timetable that Ieuan came up with.