Sunday, April 03, 2011

Supporting Craig Williams.

I travelled to South Wales yesterday (Saturday) to speak at a lunch in support of Conservative Assembly candidate for Cardiff West, Craig Williams. Craig is one of a Welshpool family, and began his political career working for and with me in my local office when I was a Member of the National Assembly for Wales. He then went on to work in Nick Bourne's office in Cardiff, and has settled down in the city. He is now hitched up with the lovely Claire, who works for a UK cancer charity. Craig is a Cardiff City Councillor and they live in the constituency.

I would like to support all of the Conservative Assembly candidates who have helped me in Montgomeryshire - but there are 7 of them. Hard to believe, but 7 of the Conservative candidates standing next month began their careers in Welsh politics in our office in Welshpool. There's Russ George, Suzy Davies, Simon Baynes, Aled Davies, Martyn Hughes, Ian Harrison as well as Craig. We produce candidates like Sidoli's produce apple tarts in its huge factory on the local industrial estate.

Its a big ask for Craig to win Cardiff West. But its not Rhodri Morgan standing as the incumbent this time. And the 13% needed is not impossible. Come to think of it, that was the percentage I needed in the General Election! So its "Come on Craig". You can do it.

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