Friday, April 01, 2011

AV on Dragon's Eye

Just watched Dragon's eye reporting on the Alternative Vote referendum. I'm biased. I really cannot see any case for AV at all. Guto Bebb (as always) made some very good points for the 'No' side. Could not see any sense at all in the 'Yes' case that Peter Hain was making. AV is more confusing to the voter, sometimes declares as the winner a person other than most voters first choice, and is a system that almost no country in the world uses. But why on earth did they have to link the item with the frivolous Eurovision Song Contest. The referendum is a serious issue and should be treated seriously.


Paul said...

Typical of the media do dumb down an important issue like this by mentioning Eurovision.

You say that very few countries use AV, that's true, but how many use pure (if you can call it that) FPTP like we do? Not many.

Take a look at what New Zealand are voting on later this year -

Anonymous said...

on the bbc news at 1 today, pupils at a school used crisp packets. One way to get the kids to understand politics i suppose!

Anonymous said...

off subject, but you made an appearance on the welsh news today! An article on the death of conservative AM Brynle Williams. You were shown briefly. (in your younger, handsome years, when you looked less like Gollum from the lord of the rings films)
Sad news, Brynle was a peoples champion and will be sadly missed

Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn,
I believe AV is a far better system because I'm in support of P.R. I know many of the arguments have been having A.V will allow people more votes, and may help other 'low profile parties'. I think thats a good idea as in my constituency I would love to vote Conservative but I don't as I know it's a straight vote between Plaid or Labour. So all I find myself saying is 'well to stop Labour I'll vote for Plaid'. That is simply unfair. Under AV (or a better PR system) I could vote for Conservatives knowing full well if they were knocked out, I could then vote for Plaid.
People say it's tactical voting, but it's not, I could opt out to voting for Plaid. However under the current system it's most definitely tactical.

Even though most will say the AV system is fairer, I've found it strange, as trying to explain to people what it means, makes it seem unfair!.

On another note I see you were mentioned by the Western Mail on their independence article. Do you know what, even I am gobsmacked about how high the figure is. Particularly as there have been no advertising or debates on the issue. My advice therefore to any UK Gov is give some freebies to Wales (funding, better infrastructure, devolution corporation tax) otherwise it may go Scotland's way. Although I have literally no opinion on the matter (I'm not ideologically bound for a "United Kingdom" nor "independence"- I just want what's best for Wales and Wales alone. And if independence can prove that for me, I would go with it and vice versa) I am strangely proud that the Welsh are now gaining some "hynan hyder" we should have had years ago, and we may, no longer bow over.

Anyway It'd be great if you could do a blogpost on it- saying your opinion, why the figure is high, and any implications.

Finally, I'd just like to say good luck to your colleagues Melding, Bourne and Paul Davies. They in my opinion is what the Welsh Conservatives should be, good innovative 'Welsh' policies and not scared to work with other parties. I hope they are re-elected and some of the "trouble-makers are gone" as I think with more work, more "welshifying" of the brand, and the Conservatives could well be a fighting force in Welsh politics in a few years..... and good to see.
One thing I would love is a Conservative-Plaid Government. Conservative policies, but then the edge that Plaid gives to allow the WAG to stick up for Wales.
.... I can always dream!

Anonymous said...

Guess if a candidate wants to secure 50% of the votes in the first round, he/she will have to work hard for them. it's about time the dinosaurs at westminster had a wake up call

Bril said...

Under AV tactical voting will proliferate. Your second and third choices would need to be the candidates least likely to win, even if you disliked them, to avoid a possible challenge to your preferred candidate. Vote NO to AV on the 5th May, and don't make YES your second choice!