Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Images of Macroom

Last week, we spent two days in Macroom, where Baby Darragh's christening took place. This fine example of Irish livestock art welcomes you to the town, which you will pass through if you are travelling from Cork to Killarny. Its life size, and very impressive. Its purpose is to recognise the regard the people of Macroom have for rural life and the importance of the livestock industry. It was this piece of artwork which inspired the similar statue (not an exact copy) which is to be seen at Builth Wells. We have a 'limited edition' replica of him at home. I think there were 300 made.
Surprisingly there is no by-pass of Macroom, which result in the most dreadful traffic problems (even worse than Newtown). The people of Macroom came up with this novel way of making their feelings known. Perhaps this is an idea we should copy. Bearing in mind the massive investment that there has been in the roads of Ireland, the people of Macroom must have done something awful to have been ignored. Its possible today to travel from Dublin to Cork in not much over two hours, around half the time it would have taken twenty years ago.

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