Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deadly eyes above the water

Was interested to read on BBC Online today that a crocodile has been spotted off Bologne-sur-Mer in the English Channel. It seems that the spot was also made by coastguards at Dover. I can imagine the excitement - and the disappointment when it turned out to be a piece of wood.

Well the one I saw today on the 9th at Kissimmee Oaks was no piece of wood. Karen had hit her tee shot near to the water, and the four of us were gathering around to watch her recovery shot when we noticed a pair of cold silent eyes watching every move from a few yards away. And the eyes moved in for a closer look. First time I've ever seen an alligator in its natural environment. Apparently they are common around the golf courses of Florida - but it was my first time.

Those cold unblinking eyes exuding such silent threat. Reminded me of the Chief Whip (only joking). The alligator moved not a muscle, but we got out of there fast. And I didn't look for lost balls anywhere near water after that.

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