Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things we do

Just thought I'd put up a few photos of some of the odd things that have been happening in my life - that's when I'm not hanging around hospitals, which I'm doing too much of at the moment. Occasionally I go Chinook spotting on Pany-y-Brialli Hill. Over the last few days there have been 4 of the terrifying beasts flying around Montgomeryshire. Here's two of them taking off on Friday.
Also on Friday I helped launch a new footpath/cycle track alongside the old Montgomery Canal from Abermule to Newtown. Great scheme - fitness, environment and economy. Wynne mentioned a few blokes who cycle from Newtown to Abermule for a few beers at the Waterloo Arms before cycling back. I wonder how long it will be!!
And who would have thought that Welshpool would have its own troupe of Irish Dancers! Well, here they are performing at Gungrog Infant School's Fete - which I officially opened on Friday Evening. Its another of these little events that I went to last year which I'm trying to go to this year as well. They asked me when I was just a candidate, so I like to go along now that I'm the local MP.
And here's the Rambling Rector - a truly magnificent specimen, climbing through a flowering cherry near our house. Its will never be this good again, because Mrs D wants it cut back after its flowered. I did say that you shouldn't castrate a rector, but she was without sympathy, having known a rector that should have been castrated!

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Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Spectacular pictures of the tandem helicopters. You seem so keen on them Glyn you might like to know you can buy radio-controlled model size versions in toy shops!