Friday, June 04, 2010

Maiden Speech material

I suppose I should express fulsome thanks to the former MP for Montgomeryshire, Lembit Opik. Firstly, his high profile defeat on May 6th ensured that I began my Parliamentary career in a conflagration of publicity. So much so that fellow newcomer to the House of Commons, Simon Hart MP was heard to observe that the people of Montgomeryshire had pulled off the incredible achievement of electing as its new MP an even bigger 'media tart' that the previous one. I think it was a comment meant to amuse.

Anyway, I'm hoping to make my maiden speech on Tuesday (if I can catch Mr Speaker's eye that is) and will need to follow the convention of paying tribute to my predecessor - and wish him well in whatever career he chooses to follow. Never has a maiden speaker had so much material. Not only has Lembit already launched a career as a 'stand-up comic' but has also become a ventriloquist, using a talking shoe as his prop. And he's started writing a column for my local weekly newspaper, advising his successor (me) how to do the job.

Not all new MPs pay tribute to their predecessors of course. Here's an extract from John McDonnell's maiden speech (courtesy of the Government Gazette) "...Despite my respect for the conventions of the House, I shall not perjure myself by praising my immediate predecessor. Many saw him as a Tory buffoon....He was a stain on the character of this House, the Conservative Party which harboured him and the good name of my constituency. He brought shame on the political process of this country....He demeaned the House by his presence.....Thankfully, my constituents can now say good riddance to this malignant creature."


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your speech!

Is that column going to be a regular thing in the County Times? God, I hope not! Lembit - you lost. Now do the decent thing and disappear!

frankie said...

John McDonnell could have been talking about Lembit Opik!! I think you should do the same and not perjure yourself either. It's good riddance to him. And he continues to make a t*t of himself by his pathetic attempt at stand up comedy. Cringe making or what?

I'm also annoyed to see that the CT continues to crawl by giving him space for his drivel. I look forward to the time when his picture and his name no longer appear in that paper.

frankie said...

BTW - Good luck on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Talking of County Times I have noticed that Mick Bates seems to be mentioned in it every week,this week it seems that he's scheduled a meeting between himself, NatWest Bank and concillors from various towns to discuss proposed cuts in opening hours.He is quoted as saying "I will continue to fight on behalf of the people of Montgomeryshire and am willing to go to the Finacial Standards Agency if necessary". Considering he was suspended from the Liberal Party, and I haven't read anywhere about him being reinstated, so how can he offer his backing on this and all the other issues that he claims to be involved with?
Good Luck with you speech on Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy that the County Lies continues to seek material from the Idiot ex MP for Hello.......
What does it take for this shameful paper to realise that people have had enough of this baloney? Lembit lost because he was an embarrassment to Montgomeryshire and yet the County Lies failed to tune into this zeitgeist. No wonder so many people here refuse to buy it. About time this paper did a massive reality check. I suggest Opik does the same and goes lick his wounds in some isolated spot for a very long while