Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The opinions of Valley's Mam.

Valley's Mam writes one of my favorite blogs. Occasionally, she comments on my posts. She makes good points, even though I don't always agree with her. But today she made a comment with which I totally disagree. She commented thus;

"I think Osborne was dreadful. He came over as an accounts clerk, not a financial expert. I think your party has not done well this week Glyn - Europe, cuts, Mr Pickles and Boris J have done you no favours."

I thought Osborne was excellent yesterday - best performance I've heard from him. At last week's Labour Conference, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor almost completely ignored the financial position that we are in. The speeches they made were truly incredible in every sense of the word. The tone that George Osborne adopted represented the first time that a leading politician has told the people of our country what to expect - and it will be the case whichever party is elected. I also thought he came over as a serious politician, a view that seems to have been shared by most commentators and the city.

I thought the Party leadership handled the backwash from the Irish Lisbon Treaty Vote very well. The media and opposition did everything possible to make it the dominating issue - and it was hardly mentioned. Personally, I find the policy position that we have on the Lisbon treaty to be entirely logical - up until its ratification is confirmed, at which time I would expect a new policy to deal with the new situation.

I'm not sure what the point about cuts is - too much or too little. What George Osborne did was establish a tone and direction. The cuts announced are nothing like as much as will be needed to deal with the structural deficit that will face any Government next May. All Gordon Brown's speech offered was a series of uncosted commitments to spend even more than now - which no-one can possibly take seriously.

Have no idea what Eric Pickles has done, but I thought Boris Johnson was terrific. Boris is not part of the shadow team, and will not be part of a Conservative Government if we win the election next spring. His interview with Paxman was terrific, in my opinion - so good that the BBC is reported to have left out bits that put the great inquisitor on the spot. Like other leading figures in our party, such as Dan Hannan and David Davis, he sets out to influence party policy in the direction he wants. There is nothing wrong with that.

In the current economic climate, it's not possible to hold what has been the traditional party conference. Because it's possible that the Conservatives may win the next election, nothing can be said that cannot be delivered. Its a tough time, and in the circumstances I thought our Conference has gone well. So what do you think? Is Valley's Mam right, or am I right. You decide!


Alwyn ap Huw said...

I'm sorry Glyn but I agree with Mam. A man in a Savil Row suite that costs more than the average nurse's annual wage saying that nurses' pay has to be frozen to pay for the mistakes made by men in Savil Row suits gave entirely the wrong message to hard working families.

alanindyfed said...

What matters to the people of Wales is the Conservative stance on the national status, business and employment, pensions, the Welsh language, the NHS, Welsh education,community policing, culture preservation and rugby. All this in a Welsh context and not a British regional context.

Anonymous said...

the test of any political speeches success in not whether those in the same party liked it or whether those in opposition parties disliked it, or even if the media thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, success is judged by those who are neutral and persuaded by the arguments and end up voting for you and while George Osbourne speech was politically astute there are still question marks in the City that he is up to the job of Chancellor and questions remain with floating voters the type you are after in Montgomeryshire.

alanindyfed said...

I don't understand people who say that politicians are untried and lack experience. How do you know until you have given them a chance to prove their mettle?
(in any case they cannot be worse than the previous occupants of the job)

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am with VM on this one too.Boris Johnson made a real arse of himself with Paxman.
Osborne just does just not come ovet as credible.Cameron would do well to get someone with more gravitas in.
I think the Tory party this week made several mistakes, which is sad.
Europe, you hav eto get straight on and get away from looking like you only support people with money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn, yes it is unusual for us to disagree.I always read and enjoy your posts.The family ones, the gardens and your political ones.
I really think that David Cameron needs to get a new finance guy.Its such an important position.
Boris needs to think before he speaks and also where he speaks.I am sure DC was not happy with his interviews this week.
I would really like to see your party stand up to the red/green coalition more too, we need some challenge ,may be you could influence that a bit.

Savonarola said...

The voters may not like what they hear but they will come to respect the truth teller. Osborne has no wish to be loved. It is not important that Osborne wins friends and influences people with touchy feely half truths and candy floss economics.

Labour always bankrupts Britain and Conservatives have to administer the medicine. This is the way it is when socialists control the cheque book. They do more damage to the poor and dispossessed with their social engineering policies than the so called nasty party.

General Sir Richard Doughnut said...

So far this week I think that the Conservative conference has done more harm than good to the party's chances at the election. From the bizzare backdrops to the poor delivery of speeches by the party's top people I've come to the conclusion that we will be no better off whichever party is in power. This week we've seen that the Tory front line can appear just as disfunctional as Labour's. Osborne's constant repetition of 'we're all in this together' sounded false and Michael Grove last night sounded freakish- he's better at writing than speaking.

I'm sorry Glyn (note, I'm following the correct protocol on this blog by issuing an apology before disagreeing with you) but the Conservatives have done nothing to impress me this week.

Anonymous said...

Glyn, here are another few resposnes of two well respected economists in the video at the bottom of the blog post fron both the left and right agreeing that George Osbourne speech didn't cut it.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

I happen to be with Glyn. We should let the numbers/stats do the talking otherwise we let personality cloud objective judgment.

Penddu said...

Speaking as someone who is reasonabaly neutral on left/right political issues, I think that VM has a good point.

David Cameron has come across well - but George Osboune's image detracted from his vaild message - and Boris just reinforced his image as an idiot!!!

Sorry Glyn.

Get Real said...

Penddu> Except that Boris is not an idiot. He has more strings to his bow than you.

Newtown Lass said...

Sorry Glyn
But I go with Valleys Mam and actually would say,the conference didn't do you any good.I was undecided about voting , but after this week it will not be Tory .

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

As a big fan of VM myself, I hate to say that it is the voters that count and not the opinions of bloggers, no matter how important we think we are :)

...and what do the voters say?

The new ICM poll shows topline figures with changes from their previous poll of

CON 45%(+5)
LAB 26%(nc)
LDEM 18%(-5).

I think that says it all.

Glyn Davies said...

So there's Alwyn who didn't like Cameron's suit, anon 2 for several reasons, the General who disliked the style, Penddu who rates neither George Osborne nor Boris, and Newtown Lass who was so disillusioned that she's abandoned all thought of voting Conservative. Not very encouraging for me!! Thank goodness that Alan reckons its policy that matters, and Savonarola, Christopher and Get Real provide a bit of balance. Looks as if VM wins it.

Anon 1 - We all know there have been question about George Osborne, especially since the Derepaska incident. I reckon he answered a lot of those questions this last week. I also thought he built on that with a solid performance on Question Time this week. I don't know him very well, and have met him just once - when I introduced him to speak at a Welsh Conference - but I have long been a great fan of his. I believe he will become one of our greatest politicians. But then, its only my opinion.

alanindyfed said...

The Tories will carry England, the SNP will carry Scotland, but who will carry Wales - interesting times ahead!!