Saturday, October 17, 2009


Now you may ask what on earth I'm doing here. Well I'm being a hero - just like Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen. I accept its not quite as dramatic, but the principle's the same. Today was the 40th anniversary of the beginning of restoration work on the Montgomery Canal. A big birthday party to celebrate the massive effort that has been put in by volunteers was held in Welshpool this weekend. This little launch was the equivalent of the Royal Yacht, transporting the Mayor of Welshpool, our very own Katherine Hepburn, from the ceremony to the celebration tea. But it conked out mid-journey. Lucky I was on hand. I jumped out, attached a rope to the barge, and pulled her home. Macho or what.

And here is Welshpool's equivalent of the African Queen, Mayor Anne Holloway herself, looking on with great trepidation as Mr Jeremy Patterson, Chief Executive of Powys County Council embarks. She did make it as well, with a surprising spring in her step. Must admit it was Jeremy that came up with the African Queen line.

And here are the real stars of the weekend - four individuals who were out there as volunteers, on the first dig, 40 years ago. There's something about the Montgomery Canal which inspires love. I'm a keen supporter of restoration - and eventual linkage to the Shropshire Union Canal, and the national network. I was much involved in the restoration in the 1980s, but must admit I saw it as an economic development project - still do. But I've always had the greatest of respect for those who are driven by love.


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Did you pick up any Leeches?

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Glyn Davies said...

Anons - I did not fall in, and I'll check the blog.