Thursday, October 26, 2017

Afternoon in front of a screen.

Watched an interesting film this afternoon. It was of a journey, armed with a camera into very dark recesses of a rarely seen underworld. Felt bit like those crazy people who wander off into an underground labyrinth of tunnels deep in the earth. Potholers they call these odd people. Except today it was ‘live’ reporting - from inside my own body. What you might call an ‘Inside Broadcast’.
My trusted oncologist, Mr Hunt inserted his ‘scope’ into the part of my colon he left me with 15 years ago. It’s a long flexible dynarod thing with a hollow down the middle and a bright searchlight on the end. It usually goes up the ‘bottom’ but the very same Mr Hunt took away this particular orifice 15yrs ago - along with other bits and pieces. And off he went, on the lookout for anything unusual or nasty. Most people prefer sedation while this procedure takes place, and miss out on all the ‘entertainment’. But I wanted to drive myself home, so skipped the sedation which would have ruled out driving. Don’t like to make a fuss. Not too much of one at least.
Anyway, Mr Hunt went into intense focus, occasionally chuntering to himself as he studied intently what looked to me like an orgy of uncooked chlorinated chicken legs and breast in a jumbled order.
After ten minutes he spotted one. Just like David Attenborough espying some rare creature in the ocean depths. He demanded a ‘snare’ which was ‘fed’ down the tube and used to trap the offending polyp and he then cut it off. Just like that. Never felt a thing. Incredible. Then he spotted another and out came the ‘snare’ again. Mr Hunt was in a trance. He was on a Polyp hunt. Trust is a wonderful thing. What will I do if he’s retired when the next colonoscopy is due.
For the pros. In the distal descending colon there was a 1x3mm sessile adenomatous Polyp which was  removed by cold snare and ‘retrieved’ into a glass container. And in the distal ascending colon there was another 1x3mm sessile adenomatous Polyp again removed by cold snare and ‘retrieved’. All sounds a bit worrying to the layman, but seems it’s next thing to a ‘clean bill of health’. Had to pay a fair bit to watch this particular movie though.

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