Saturday, February 25, 2017

Parable of the Little Green Tractors.

Once upon a time, there was a very big farmer, who was so rich that he lived in a big house at Portland Place, in Central London. Farmer Hall, for that was his name was very wealthy. He had lots of money to give away. He loved to lavish gifts upon his children. This week his little boy, Dafydd was thrilled to bits when Rhodri, Farmer Hall's man in Wales, delivered unto him a lovely green tractor as a surprise present from his daddy. He was beside himself with joy. Something he'd been pleading for since he was old enough to love little green tractors. "Diolch Daddy" he cried, with lots of hugs and besitos.

And then Rhodri burst into floods of tears. He started shouting and stamping his feet. What could possibly have happened? Well, Rhodri had noticed that Angus, his older, bigger brother had received a far bigger green tractor - nearly 4 times bigger. Suddenly Rhodri's tractor was proof that Farmer Hall did not love him, and was just throwing a few grudging crumbs his way from the great tractor table. Rhodri's lovely green tractor seemed lovely no more. In fact in was just another 'slap in the face'.

And then the English cousins of Rhodri and Angus, noticed the new green tractors, and that Farmer Hall had not given them one at all. They all felt upset as well. In fact, everyone except Angus was upset. And to make things worse, Angus wasn't even grateful. Angus was never grateful. Nothing it seems would stop Angus from demanding more. Turned out that poor old Farmer Hall satisfied no-one. The lesson to be drawn from this sad sad story is "When you share out the cake, don't hand over all the slices at the same time.".

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