Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Welcome Sir Tim Barrow.

The UK Govt has moved with surprisingly commendable speed today to appoint Sir Tim Barrow KCMC, LVO, MBE as the new UK Ambassador to the EU. Hard to believe it was only yesterday that Sir Ivan Rogers announced that he was standing down 10 months early. My guess is that the pro-remain press and the BBC were hoping to run "UK Govt in disarray" for a few more days. Their fox has been well and truly shot, and much quicker than anyone anticipated.

Sit Tim Barrow seems the ideal appointment. He's been UK Ambassador to Russian Federation for last few years, and had experience in the EU before that. All these quotes we've been reading about from some back bench Conservative MPs about needing a committed pro-Brexit Ambassador are shot down as well. Even saw suggestions that Nigel Farage would be chosen. That was so outrageous as to be 'lol'. The best the BBC seem to be able to do is James Langdale informing us that "it would be hard to say that Sir Tim Barrow is an out and out pro-European". What is that supposed to mean?  I wonder if they'll ask Clegg, Mandelson, to comment, or whether Sir Ivan will send an internal memo to his fellow civil servants (which will be unfortunately leaked!) telling us what he thinks.

What we need is a calm capable Ambassador committed to helping the UK achieve a positive Brexit in the interests of the UK and the EU - with complete discretion. My guess is Sir Tim Barrow will not say anything or want to become the story. I think it's been a rather good news day for the Prime Minister.

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