Sunday, December 11, 2016

Boris - a very good Foreign Secretary

In my opinion, Boris Johnson is proving to be a very effective Foreign Secretary. It is great to see Britain's Foreign Secretary making a meaningful impact on the international stage. I should imagine he is doing exactly what the Prime Minister thought he would do when she appointed him. She would not have expected him to suddenly change into a shy retiring super diplomat.
None of us would have expected him to become that traditional diplomat, conversing in the weird language that only other diplomats understand. He does not speak as others would. But we knew that. What our Foreign Secretary does is use language non diplomats actually understand. It's rather sad watching those reporting on the supposed 'gaffes' that Boris has made, completely missing the point. No-one agrees these 'gaffes' are 'gaffes' at all. As far as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen, our Foreign Secretary is saying what most of us think. His assertion that 'Britain is back' in the Middle East will have much positive impact on Britain's status  in the Middle East. That's his job, and he's making a great fist of it. Carry on Boris.

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