Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our Welsh Parliament is here to stay.

There's been a flurry of media comment over the last few days (mainly driven by politicians) suggesting that if there were to be a referendum on the future existence of the Welsh Parliament (or National Assembly for Wales if you prefer) the people of Wales would vote In favour of abolition. No chance. Not sure why this is being taken so seriously. Perhaps the media and commentariat so enjoyed the Scottish Independence Referendum and the EU Referendum that they cannot bear to see Wales left out! Two people asked me whether they were going to have the chance to vote 'that circus in Cardiff' out of existence at today's Berriew Show Charity Lunch. Told them this is one circus I approve of! Even if I did campaign with great vigour in opposition to its creation in 1997. Should add that I don't think their views were a reflection of current Welsh public opinion.

The reality is that it is simply not going to happen. There will be no referendum. Not in any foreseeable future. We've had enough of referendums. And if there were to be, all the evidence I've seen suggests to me that devolution is here to stay. I know not everyone agrees with me about this, and it's very much in fashion to be opposed to anything remotely to do with the 'establishment' or any form of Government. Voting No has become the default position on constitutional issues. But for me, discussion about the future of the Welsh Parliament comes under the heading of 'harmless fun'.

In fact, I may become a great champion of retaining the Welsh Parliament come September 13th. That day we learn of the Boundary Commission for Wales proposals for reform of Welsh Parliamentary constituencies. Inevitably, since they fall in number overall of Welsh parliamentary constituencies from 40 to 29, these proposals will inevitably inform us that Montgomeryshire will be no more by 2020 General Election. Over 40 yrs I've been active in the public life of Montgomeryshire. I'm building myself up for a very sad day. The only way to retain our old historic county of Montgomeryshire will be as an Welsh Assembly seat. But that's a blog post for when we see the detailed proposals. I will write a blog post summarising the background to all this tomorrow. In the meantime, better get used to having the Welsh Parliament around.


Anonymous said...

Just a silly season story to fill the news schedules.

Anonymous said...

Of the four AMs who have run with this story, three are backbenchers and are new boys who are trying to get a little press and news exposure. The former leader of the opposition who has taken up the story is in a different position, he is in the unenviable position of having held the highest post he will ever have - leader of the opposition. It is painfully clear that the Welsh Conservative & Unionist Party has no game plan to make the next step to rule Wales. Must be difficult as leader to see his best players leaving Wales to go to Westminster to exercise real power.

Anonymous said...

Your views are very welcome, but since your fellow MP’s are attacking the Assembly and you have little influence with the PM or your Assembly leader, you’re a loan voice in the Tory Party and more power to you.

Andrew RT Davies’s intervention is simply reestablishing your party as hard core anti-devolution and soft anti-Wales, a view closer to Tory grassroots in Wales. It’s also a pretty cynical attempt to woo UKIP supporters post Brexit but Labour will soon be doing that too.

As for the Labour interventions they’re more concerned about losing powers in Wales as they did in Scotland nothing else, the one good thing that’s come out of this, is at least those of us who believe in devolution now know what were up against post Brexit.

Anonymous said...

Non story. This is A RT Davies seeking attention after being pushed into third place whilst UKIP Wales take all the headlines for their in-fighting.
All this states is that the current leader of the Welsh conservatives has no vision to lead Wales. He has to go. David Melding should make a good leader.

Secondly, I welcome a review by the boundary commission. We do need less lazy, scrounging MP's. They do give those rare good MP's a bad reputation who do make a positive difference to their areas. I have no sympathy for MP's who moan about their workload yet fill in expenses forms for travel, staff, office and luxurious home furnishing costs.
It is scandalous that my MP claims tens of thousands of pounds in expenses yet their biggest achievement was turning up to a village fete just so they could be photographed with another local party member wanting to stand for council elections.

Can we have some reassurance from you, Glyn that you will continue to work for Montgomeryshire until it is officially no more at the next election. You were voted in as MP in 2010 because you promised to save our high schools. Six years on, and the people of Montgomeryshire are still fighting to save them from closure.
Online Newspaper reports have clearly stated that Montgomeryshire Conservative councillors have worked so hard to attract more pupils to attend schools but this is not enough. Apparently it is not legal to bus pupils in from outside a catchment area. Montgomeryshire needs hundreds of more jobs to come to the area and it is to you we look to open up opportunities for businesses to locate there and prevent existing businesses from closing too which will give the high schools a realistic chance of remaining viable.
Powys county council have spent tens of thousands of pounds on an advertising campaign to attract more retired people to come and live in our area. We need young families to move in not pensioners! I have had to move my family away from the area because there was just no attractive high paid jobs. I am longing to return to live in Montgomeyshire.
You have four years to turn the fortunes of Montgomeryshire around. Don't let me and other families down.

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"Welsh Parliament here to stay", like Wales's poor GVA rating? Welsh university heads heads who earn fantastic salaries but not one Welsh university ranked in the top 100 of the QS world rankings. What about the dreadful PISA data vis-à-vis Welsh schools - that here to stay too?. The awful patent rate in Wales and hence lack of indigenous world beating industrial technology. Just look at the Welsh steel industry. Nobody can work out a solution to the Welsh steel crisis. The French turned to innovation when its wine industry was facing wipe-out and found its solution, but in Wales we are hapless or more accurately emasculated not for lack of talent, not for lack of ideas, but for lack of leadership from the Welsh Parliament.