Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Winning Artwork of Harriot Bates

Last week, I was invited to the unveiling of a statue welcoming the world to Welshpool. It was designed by local artist, talented Harriot Bates. The construction work was done by local man and Town Cllr, Steve Kaye. Very enjoyable event. Parents, Michael and Elaine were clearly very proud of their girl. And I enjoyed a chat with her two grannies, who were well chuffed. On disadvantage of being an MP (in Gov't) is that I can so infrequently join in local stuff like this, being 'whipped' to be in Westminster. But it worked out this time. Anyway the artwork is located outside the Tourism Information Office in the town. Y Trallwng (Welsh for Welshpool) is on the other side. Conveniently there are 9 letters in both Welshpool and Y Trallwng.

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