Friday, May 03, 2013

National Grid sending in the 'heavies'

Received an email today from a very upset constituent, who owns land under or over which National Grid wishes to construct its 400 kV power line between mid Wales and North Shropshire. This is the scar on our countryside which will be 50 kilometres long and facilitate the building of 500/600 extra wind turbines in mid Wales. It gives an insight into just what an out-of-control 'beast' National Grid has become. Sure they have nice friendly people putting on a sweet-faced front at public meetings. But the reality is oh so different.  When NG doesn't get its own way, things turn ugly.

Recently solicitors representing a company called Bruton Knowles just appeared in my constituents yard with a handful of legal 'notices'. His employees wondered what he had done. They thought "the bailiffs were looking for repossessions". These solicitors handed over 6 copies of 14 day notices for 'Taking Access' of his land. They also stapled another 7 notices to gateposts on the roadsides of his fields.  All of these 'Taking Access' notices displayed full names and addresses for everyone to see. Main reason my constituent was upset was it gave impression to passing public that some crime had been committed. The wording made it look as if the property was being repossessed.

This Stalinist style behaviour shows a total disregard for personal privacy. Since then Bruton Knowles have confirmed that they are 'coming in' later this week. Over the last two weeks my constituent tells me he has received 26 letters from Bruton Knowles. What sort of animals are we dealing with here.

This is the world that is being created by National Grid (these nice-on-the-surface people). This is happening in the gentle countryside of Montgomeryshire. Its scarsely believable. Bruton Knowles may be the heavy boots that trample over our rights, (and I know people who will never deal with this company again - including me)  but they are being directed by National Grid. I feel hatred rising up in my soul.


Anonymous said...

Glyn, the company have to do land assessments.
This could have been avoided if the land owners had been co-operative in the first place. The issuing of legal letters is a last resort for the company.

Getting a survey on your land does not mean there will be a pylon there and you need to let your constituents know that.
The route corridor is several miles wide in some place.
NG are assessing the best route for over head lines or under ground cables.

As we all favor underground cables, let them carry out their surveys, and you can do your job as MP to ensure as much of the route is placed underground as possible.

Glyn Davies said...

Thans anon for making my point for me. How dare the property owner lock his door to prevent the burgler enter, forcing the need to cause damage through breaking and entering!!

Anonymous said...

U can talk to this firm here:

Apparently they like being talked too. ;)