Friday, March 29, 2013

UK Energy policy killing huge numers of elderly people

That Fraser Nelson who edits the Spectator is a very sharp fellow. Talks a lot of common sense. And none more than his major article in today's Telegraph. "Its the cold, not global warming we should be worried about". Its always been my opinion. Yes, I do think its been sensible for British Gov'ts to adopt policy positions that take account of carbon impact, but it has always seemed 'barking'  to me to adopt policies which would have the effect of killing huge numbers of our fellow citizens, and export millions of jobs, and destroy our finest landscapes - just so that we can feel some sort of weird environmental 'holiness'. I know there's a strata of people who think themselves intellectually superior to Christopher Booker and his type. I see it all the time in the House of Commons when I start to rant about wind farms - being so outraged by what's happening that I find it very difficult to stay calm. I think of it as the 'DECC sneer'. Anyway its great to have more top class respected commentators coming onside as well.

The theme of Fraser's piece today is the number of elderly people who are killed by the crazy policy of driving up the cost of energy (just to make renewables competitive). Over recent weeks the entire nation has been rightly outraged by the failing of the NHS in Mid Staffs. Perhaps over 1000 died as a result of poor care. Shocking. Disgraceful. Must never happen again, etc.. But much worse than Mid Staffs happens every year as a consequence of DECC policies. Fraser tells us that last winter, over 24,000 vulnerable people died of 'cold-related illnesses' - and that was a mild winter. I dread to think how many old people will have died this last week. A and Es are full to bursting all over the country, as people succumb to cold related illnesses. And still politicians, National Grid and wind farm developers plan to desecrate mid Wales with more wind farms, trampling over local people, leading to more and more people dying a cold and lonely death as they face the choice between eating and heating. The 'environmental' taxes should be renamed the 'fuel poverty taxes'.

And on the international plane, the UK's carbon saving is virtually insignificant. Coal fired power stations are being built by their hundreds every day. When I think of what British Gov'ts could have achieved in terms of insulation of homes if the billions that have been raided from consumers by the energy companies in 'environmetal' taxes had been ploughed into home insulation instead, I wonder what sort of a mentality could have developed such lunatic policies. There's no doubt that the scales are falling from the eyes of more and more people about the appalling waste of money, and waste of lives that must be laid at the feet of DECC and the energy companies. One day soon, the utter disgrace about what is happening will become a dominating issue. It cannot come soon enough.


mairede thomas said...

The folly of the current 'green' energy policy will do to this Government what the folly of uncontrolled immigration did for the last Labour Government. People know that this Government's energy policy isn't working. All we need now is a Mrs Duffy moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes Glyn, it's the 'bloody cold' we should be more concerned about - right now thousands of British seniors are paying a deathly price c/o the climate change fanatics at DECC. This is a human tragedy on a MASSIVE scale. A Crime Against Humanity.

Christopher D. Wood, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, JD.

Roy Norris said...

The environmental policies to which we all seem to be obliged to pay lip service, won't make a scrap of difference to climate change. Indeed as you show, some may simply put up prices for no reason and cannot and will not make any difference to the climate.

Unless and until there is effective international action climate change will just happen, as it has through millions of millenia. Even if there is international action I suspect climate change will still continue. King Canute had it right when he pointed out to his court that there are things that cannot be changed and behaviour has to adapt - and preferably avoiding killing people in the process....