Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Prime Minister on top of the job

Yet again today the Prime Minister showed us in the House of Commons that he is the overwhelmingly dominant politician in the UK. I thought his Statement on the Algeria Hostage Crisis was powerful and correct in all respects. Any Conservative MP who doesn't recognise his value as leader of the party and leader of our country is suffering from a nasty case of self-destructive delusion. But back to the Statement.

I was particularly pleased by the supportive comments made about the Algerians. The Prime Minister recognised the challenge that the Algerian Gov't had been forced to confront - over 30 terrorists hell-bent on murdering innocent people in a huge, remote and dangerous industrial complex. The attack was sudden - and the terrorists were ready to kill in cold blood. Immediately after acknowledging the awful tragedy of deaths of innocents, it was right for David Cameron to pay tribute to the resolve shown by the Algerians, and placing responsibility for the murders four-square on the terrorists (which for some unfathomable reason the BBC refer to as militants).

I was also relieved to know that the Prime Minister is aware of the scale of the problems European states face. While President Obama was talking about the end of ten years of conflict, David Cameron was warning us that we could have decades of conflict in front of us. The President seems incredibly complacent to me, as well as indicating a declining interest in the security problems of Europe. David Cameron on the other hand seems very aware of the security issues confronting Europe.

The Prime Minister ended his Statement by declaring the importance of an international response (which is why we will help the French in Mali) - tough, intelligent, patient and based on international partnerships. There is potential for development of terrorist activity right across the Sahel - on the doorstep of Europe. There is a massive job to do - militarily and through cooperation at all levels. Its right that international aid is more biased in favour of improving social conditions in support of peoples targeted by these evil terrorists. At least, the United Kingdom has a Prime Minister who understands what needs to be done.


Anonymous said...

To be honest Glyn, the vibes I get based inside "the beltway" (or bubble) in the center of which is Washington, DC - the White House, Congress, Pentagon, etc.

... the vibes I get is that the US State Department believes, in part, that the UK talks the walk, but doesn't want to pay the walk.

While PM Cameron might garp about how he very aware of the security issues confronting Europe, the PM has authorized HUGE cutbacks in the UK's ability to defend itself.

Outgoing State Department Head Hilary Clinton has already warned the UK government about these cutbacks and what terribly effect they are having on the America's willingness to take the UK seriously on defense issues, and AGAIN, this warning has been repeated.

So I don't get your comment Glyn.

PM Cameron is talking hot air - that is how he is increasingly seen behind closed doors in Washington.

Anonymous said...

...and the greatest threat to Europe is not some terrorists in North Africa, but CHINA - we are loosing our future to China. We have to adopt in-all-but-name war footing with China to win the future - to rightfully win our future of a stable future economy/future living standards/future jobs.

For some strange self-destruct reason Cameron doesn't see this as an issue - so UK living standards continue to drop, particularly for ordinary folks living just 1 or 2 paychecks from personal/family economic catastrophe.

So Cameron seeks focus on some side issue while the UK economy continues to go down the pan.

The CP will lose the next election, not because Labour is doing better, but because the CP failed miserably to win the future for the UK.

Chris Wood