Friday, August 24, 2012

Reflections on Prince Harry at the Snooker Table

There's only one issue in the news today - Prince Harry going starkers to the snooker table, along with others, at a private party. Everyone seems to have an opinion - and everyone I've talked to has dismissed it as of no importance. Not sure that's right. Certainly worth a comment.

There will be no moralising from me. I still recall leaping out the communal post-match bath at Shrewsbury Rugby Club one mid-winter afternoon, and along with others entering a foot race around the pitch in a snowstorm. I must leave details of this silliness out - but I can say that when we returned to the clubhouse, the changing room door was locked and the only way in was through the bar - which was of course a mixed bar. I do not recall anyone being offended. That was when I learnt that in extreme cold, all embarrassment withers away! I was around 20 at the time. Such silly behaviour is what lads sometimes do.

But its important because Prince Harry is 3rd in line to the throne. I just don't think it was a very sensible thing for him to do. Without being absolutely certain that everyone present would never let him down, there was always the chance of a photograph appearing. Its like the House of Commons Terrace. Every MP knows that any misdemeanour will be picked up by a long lens camera on Westminster Bridge.

I also accept that it can be argued that the pictures are in the public interest. He is heir to the throne. So I do not think there should be a law which bans publication. Such a law could be used to over-regulate free speech. But neither do I think that the Sun should have published the pictures on its front page today. Just because you can does not mean you should. It just made it look like a sleazy tawdry rag. Most sickening I thought was the Sun's 'freedom of speech' justification. It was just a way of selling more copies of the newspaper. I wish I took the Sun - so that I could cancel my order.

Finally, I have to admit that the story has caused me amusement. Kelvin Mackenzie was hilarious on Newsnight last night. And there was jollity in my office today. Now it needs to be forgotten. Whatever, I reckon the splendid Prince Harry will not want to play strip snooker again in a hurry.


Roy Norris said...

When you wrote about The Sun didn't you mean The Scum. Certainly that's how I see the paper. What utter sanctimonious twaddle fell out of the editors mouth when he sought to justify the publication.

It is surely true that what the public is or maybe interested in, is not necessarily in the public interest.

But as you say the whole storm is tomorrow's chip paper.

Jac o' the North, said...

To think that it made the Sun look like a "sleazy tawdry rag" . . . I thought that's what it was!

Now I'm no royalist, but if I was I might be wondering who these people were that he was partying with. Obviously there were no concealed weapons (all in plain view) but even so, I might still worry about vetting. And his eagerness to party with virtual strangers must surely put him danger, if only of ridicule or blackmail.

Anonymous said...

the Sun shouldn't have published He was in a private party, he is not wed etc etc.
However ,where was his his security that they didn't confiscate all mobiles.There is normally strict rules around celebs ad he is one He needs to choose his "friends" more carefully.
Whether this sparky young man likes it or not he will be watched and he owes a responsibility to the family firm - he does get paid by it.

Glyn Davies said...

Seems we're all of like mind. It was not at all sensible of Prince Harry - even if what he did was harmless enough. Nice to hear from you VM. Things have changed on my blog since we first met in the blogosphere. I've become boring and careful - because there are those who search for opportunities to cause me and my party trouble!

Anonymous said...

Hey Glyn xxxx
I miss your blog and you r family updates
I understand that you have to be careful What a sad society I still read when you blog but don't comment ,again not to pull you into maybe saying how you feel on situations

Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn
Miss you and your blog as it was xxxx
I understand why though sad society we have
Hope the family are all well and your garden thrives