Saturday, July 14, 2012

Re-dedication to our Coalition.

I would have preferred it had the Conservative Party won enough seats at the last General Election to form a Gov't. But we didn't. David Cameron was left with a choice of leading a 'minority' Gov't and going for an early election - or forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. He chose to form the 'Coalition'. I agreed with that decision.

I still believe that David Cameron was right, and that he should strive to keep the Coalition together. I simply do not agree with those of my colleagues who seem to wish the Coalition ill. But even I can see that things need a bit of a boost. Seems to me we need a genuine re-commitment to each other. We need to put policies which help both parties and also connect with the people at centre stage. Because of my inconsequentiality, I can reflect on policy matter that I like personally, without causing any turbulence. Others will have their ideas.

Lets put main focus on why we came together in the first place. The economy. Fundamental is re-balancing a pubic sector/private sector imbalance. And we also need to focus on lower paid 'hard working' families. Top of my list would be raising the tax free allowance even further. If it was raised to a level which would allow a symbolic increase in age-related allowance, the Lib Dems would feel valued - and we would re-engage with a section of our population that votes. Personally, I would also like to find a way of hitting the richest in a way which allowed the top rate to be cut to 40%, where the public could see it was about creating jobs and not benefiting the rich. That could be a step too far.

Another area I would strive for early agreement on would be House of Lords reform. In my view the current proposals look doomed, though I understand there's going to be an attempt to resusitate in the autumn. Why not scrap it now, and agree new reform proposals for the next Queen's Speech based on Steele Bill Plus. There would be a big majority for that. Perhaps Nick Clegg would not accept this, but I reckon he might find many Lib Dems would.  By November he might think its a great plan!

Another policy area that could combine both parties and the public would be onshore wind. Why not greatly reduce the subsidy for onshore wind and transfer it to offshore and other forms on renewables. Must admit I've found it a bit shocking that on this issue, the opinions of the public are being totally steamrollered. MPs opinions are also being trampled on.  MPs are not robots. We want to serve those who elect us. The coalition must always take seriously what the citizens we work for want. If we do, they will support us up to 2015.  Hopefully, they would also be happy to see us work together after that as well.

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Jeff Jones said...

I don't want to intrude in private grief regarding the Coalition. But the comments of the police man regarding the Olympics which you mention on twitter are entirely right. Major events in Cardiff always have a knockon effect on policing in the South Wales area.Even on rugby internationals days Police are taken from their normal duties to Cardiff and then complete the whole shift in Cardiff. It's not a non story as you suggest. Security for the Olympics has become a shambles but we live in an age where no one any longer takes responsibility I'm afraid. If Macmillan was still PM ,May and a few other cabinet ministers who clearly in Attlee's famouis words are ' not up to the job ' would have gone long ago.