Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welshpool Livestock Market - centre of anti wind protest.

Interesting developments in Powys. Montgomeryshire Councillors David Jones and Graham Brown have submitted a motion for debate by the Powys County Council on 29th June. It demands that the Welsh Government conducts a full review of its renewable energy policy guidance to planning authorities before any new planning permissions for wind farms are granted - including a proper environmental assessment that (disgracefully) has never been held. This is an excellent proposal which I expect the Conservatives to support.

The meeting was to have been held in the Council Chamber at Llandrindod Wells, but it seems there is a high profile visitor to the town that day. If a decent crowd of protesters turn up, the important visitor could be discomforted. I know it can't be the Queen, because Mrs D and I are going to her Royal Garden Party that afternoon! They shouldn't have moved the meeting because if its a member of the Royal family, he or she may well have wanted to join the protest!

Anyway, Cabinet Business Manager, Steve Boyd has informed us that the meeting has been moved to Welshpool Livestock Market, where a building is being converted into a makeshift debating chamber. An audio system is also being installed so that any people attending will be able to hear what is going on. This is all rather a good idea. I'm only upset that I cannot attend, because of the afore-mentioned Garden Party, and a very important debate over dinner in the House on 'Care' that I'm sponsoring that evening. Let our councillors speak for the people - and expose the First Minister's attitude towards the the people of mid Wales.


Alison said...

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, are in Llandrindod that day. If you got to you can see the itinerary of their movements.

With Charles' green credentials, this move doesn't surprise me. Sweep under the carpet, so to speak.

Is this mass protest at Welshpool a ploy to keep protestors away from the cameras? Forgive cynical me, but I am seeing this as tactic to control people, as they know what will happen. Rather than the genuine want to listen to people. Half of me wonders if protestors, by going to Welshpool, are playing straight into the hands of Powys CC. However, if it is they who can influence a decision ....

Can't half the people still turn up at Llandrindod with a few banners?

John said...

Glyn enjoy your garden party, I hope it does not rain like the one you attended last sunday in aid of Parkinson's. I don't think the cake will be as good as Marilyn's
John Day